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Our carpet cleaning family thanks you!

We make it no secret that our carpet cleaning company is a family owned and operated local business that emphasizes a quality customer experience. So, it should come as no surprise that we hold our public service providers in such high esteem. Whether you are a first responder or an educator, we greatly value your contribution to our society and specifically the Orlando, Orange County and Seminole County divisions. Police, Military and Firefighters place their lives on the line daily to put others first. Teachers at all levels spend their precious time shaping the leaders of tomorrow. Most of these selfless jobs do not come with the highest salary or public respect that is deserved. But, citizens like us and companies like ours can do our part to show our admiration, respect and appreciation for their contribution to our society. Our residential carpet cleaning company offers a discount to all public service providers, just click here for your coupon code! It is our way of saying thank you to the important people who sacrifice for us!

With our facility being located in Orlando, we have a special admiration for all Orlando police officers and Orange County Sheriff’s. It does not end with just Orlando Officers. We service Orange County, Seminole County and Osceola County police officers as well. There have been many occasions in which we have had our turn to provide a service for these brave men and women all throughout the Central Florida area. These local heroes spend their days and nights keeping our local streets, parks, homes and places of business safe. Our local officers have been there for the citizens of Central Florida for the best and worst of times. When Orlando fell victim to the largest mass shooting in modern American history, our officers were there to help at all costs. Putting their lives on the line to save as many innocent people as possible was a natural instinct to these police officers. The term “Orlando United” was coined thanks to the bravery shown by these amazing men and women and it is a great tribute to their strength and honor!
Firefighters have a special place in our owners heart. Like New Carpet Care’s very first van and truck mounted hot water extraction carpet cleaning machine caught fire in Winter Springs back in 2014. Though the van and steam carpet cleaning machine were totaled, many of the highly valuable supplies and hose reels were saved. If it weren’t for the quick response from the brave individuals of the seminole county fire department, not only were our steam cleaning machine and van at jeopardy, but families homes could have been be destroyed.
Thank You Fire Department
It seems that every man, woman and child has, at one point, wanted to be a firefighter. Firefighters project a strong, brave and selfless demeanor. These particular public service providers sacrifice day and night to be on call for exactly when we need them. Firefighters typically are away from home for days at a time just so they can be ready when the call comes. Being a great presence in the community and giving each and every citizen something to look up to seems to just be a natural part of being a Firefighter. We know that the training that each one of these wonderful service members goes through is extensive and we understand why. Our fire fighting heroes are always prepared and ready to answer the call when needed. Our respect does not only lie in what firefighters do for us know, but what they were able to accomplish during their training and education! Whether these brave women and men are saving the helpless from a dangerous situation or simply retrieving a kitten from a tree, these hero’s are always there when we need them. Morning or evening, rain or shine, when a Firefighter is needed, they always respond to the call.

The United States of America is home to the largest military force in the world, The United States Military. There are roughly 1.5 million American Citizens currently serving in our armed forces. That is about 541 thousand in the Army, 333 thousand in the Air Force, 317 thousand in the Navy, 195 thousand in the Marine Corps. There are also about 818 thousand Armed Forces Reserves currently serving, including 342 thousand Army National Guard members.

The owners father has been in the Army branch of the United States Military for over three decades and is currently a ranking Warrant Officer (W4). He is extremely proud of his father for his accomplishments and the service he has provided this great country. Him and every other one of these brave soles give us something to look up to and be proud of. The safety and security of every single American Citizen, as well as the innocent who need protecting around the world can feel safe in the fact that these amazing heroes are here to help. Our respect for the men and women who put their lives on the line to protect us by serving in the United States Military is unmeasured! Thank you to all service people! These military members have protected our rights and kept our way of life and safety in good standings since the inception of our country and we are most grateful for them

Without education, there can be no future. That is a statement we truly believe in. Luckily, we have wonderful men and women across this great nation that dedicate their lives to providing the education needed to succeed. A mind is continuously molded throughout one’s life. If it were not for these amazing teachers being the hands that mold, we would be a lost species, simply trying to survive. Education gives us the ability to learn from our past, to adapt and grow based on what is best for the survival and advancement of all people on this planet. Being a teacher is a sacrificial job. Any given teacher could just go to work each day and simply earn a paycheck. Instead, these amazing educators sacrifice their free time and find encouragement and motivation in the fact that they are positively changing the lives of the next generation. Teachers are the foundation on which the future is built!

It should seem pretty clear by now, as to why we have as much respect and admiration as we do for these amazing first responders and educators. We know that many of you feel the same way. Many of you have relatives who are serving or who have served. Many of you have family or friends who are teachers at various levels of education. You folks probably know exactly what we mean we we say Thank You to all these great people do for others! If you yourself are one of these brave and amazing women or men, please accept our most sincere gratitude for all they you do for us! Thanks again from our family to yours!

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