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Rug Cleaning Is Our Thing Too

One of our many services that we provide to our customers is Rug Cleaning. We clean multiple types of rugs using a variety of methods. From your standard synthetic house rug to high end natural fiber rugs. When dealing with standard synthetic rugs (the most common type), we can typically clean them in the customer’s home in short time. If there is a surface that is adequate to clean the rug upon, we basically clean it as if it were a room of carpet. The synthetic fibers are made to withstand the conditions incorporated with a steam cleaning, so it is completely safe and yields great results.

When we are dealing with natural fiber rugs (often called “oriental”), there is a completely different cleaning process that is required. Natural fiber rugs are not made to withstand the processes included in a steam cleaning. The fibers in the rug will be worn down significantly, which will result in a rugs early deterioration. The steam can cause bleeding or shrinking in the rug. Following the proper steps when cleaning a natural fiber rug will help to eliminate the possibility of those unfortunate side effects occurring. Our process involves picking up the rug and bringing it back to our facility where it undergoes a full submersion, specialty cleaning. Using the proper products and methods ensures us that we will be able to achieve the best, safest cleaning possible. Once the cleaning has been entirely completed, we will deliver the rug back to you. There’s nothing like rolling out that freshly cleaned rug in a customer’s home. Give us a try and you’ll never go back!