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Subsurface Extraction Cleaning

If you are curious as to what a subsurface cleaning is, we’re here to help fill you in. This process is to help rectify pet odor in your carpet. We know that this is one of the most common problems when dealing with carpet, and the urine odor is just so difficult to remove. A subsurface cleaning is a process that will extract contaminants from and clean the padding under your carpet. While the professional deep steam cleaning will get most contaminants out of the carpet itself and leave it looking clean and feeling fresh, there are scenarios in which a subsurface cleaning is needed as well. The most common occurrence that calls for a subsurface cleaning is pet odor.  When a pet urinates on the carpet frequently in the same area that urination will seep down through the carpet and embed itself into the padding underneath. It will then dry up and crystallize itself within the padding.  Once that happens it is very difficult to extract without the subsurface process. That is what creates the pungent smell that just seems to linger.

Once we have located the areas that need the subsurface cleaning we then completely saturate the affected areas, allowing the liquid solution to flow through the carpet fibers while seeping deep into the carpet’s backing, padding, and subfloor. The solution rehydrates and breaks down pet urine crystals in preparation for extraction and rinsing.

We then use a specialty tool designed to flush out the solution and animal waste from your carpets to a holding tank outside in our van. This method typically has a very high success rate.  If you find yourself in need of a subsurface cleaning, our Professional Carpet Cleaning Orlando technicians would be more than happy to provide that service in a fantastic manner!