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When You Need To Know

Our family oriented company takes pride in being upfront and honest with each and every one of our customers.  Whether it be with our pricing, practices or simply providing some carpet cleaning advice we approach every aspect of our company with honesty and transparency.  Customers old and new constantly come to us trustingly with many questions and concerns. We’re going to touch on a few of the more common and important questions and concerns that come our way. One thing we have encountered commonly is other companies using the bait and switch pricing method. Some companies like to use a low price just to get into your home, then hit you with multiple upcharges to complete the standard job.  Typically companies who use that method underperform and never even meet expectations. That’s not us though, we are upfront with our pricing and there are no upcharges for the services we offer.  Spots, stains and high traffic areas are all included in the price we quote you. Companies that follow that kind of practice might also offer you guarantees for services that simply can not be guaranteed.  When working with carpet, there is a variety of outcomes that can take place depending on the circumstance, the contaminant and the materials.  While spot and stain removal commonly have great results when being performed by trained, certified professionals using top of the line equipment (just as our Carpet Cleaning Orlando professionals are) they can never be guaranteed.  There are circumstances in which the fibers in the carpet have been dyed a different color due to the particular contaminant. Once the fibers have changed color, no professional cleaning will remove that.  We are always honest and forward with what expectations should be and all possible outcomes.  We always keep the quality of our work at the top of our list of importance, it’s the cornerstone of our company.  Give us a chance to perform a cleaning in your home and you will see the difference between a company trying to make a quick buck and a company who truly cares about it’s own integrity and customer satisfaction.