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Truck Mounted Units vs Portable Units

As Carpet Cleaning professionals who use the hot water extraction cleaning method, we proudly stand by this type of Carpet Cleaning procedure. The hot water extraction cleaning method is commonly called a Steam Cleaning service. Ironically, the steam that is produced during this service is only a by product of the incredibly hot water and does none of the work. It is actually the highly pressurized, highly heated water that does most of the work. Most companies who perform a hot water extraction cleaning method service should be using truck mounted units to complete this type of service. The two types of machines that are commonly used to complete a hot water extraction cleaning are truck mounted units and portable units. While truck mounted units are the overwhelmingly preferred machines to be used for a hot water extraction cleaning method, portable unit is sometimes needed when the hoses from a truck mounted unit may not be able to reach to the location where the cleaning is to be performed. There is a vast difference in the level of cleaning that can be performed between a truck mounted units and a portable unit. A portable unit is essentially the type of unit you would rent from your local grocery store. While it may be slightly effective, there should be emphasis on “slightly”. These portable units work in similar fashion, but they are much less effective. A portable unit plugs into a wall and can only generate a certain level of pressure, heat and vacuum. Those three aspects of a unit are the critical parts that make the cleaning effective. A portable unit limits how deep a cleaning can actually be. A truck mounted unit is a heavy duty, industrial grade machine. It is gas powered and can provide water temperatures just under boiling, very high pressures and an incredibly strong vacuum. This trifecta will ensure a cleaning that reaches deep down to the base of the fibers, as well as vacuuming out as much dirt, residue and water as possible. Make sure you hire a company that uses truck mounted units to ensure the best cleaning results possible!