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Truck Mounted Cleaning Units

Truck mount carpet cleaning is a water based vacuum extraction cleaning process that is much more powerful and typically yields much more effective results than solvent based methods.  There are two main types of truck mounted units, Slide In Truck Mounts and Van Powered Truck Mounts.

Slide in truck mount systems can be used in a variety of vehicles. It can also be easily transferred from one vehicle to another. These systems also consume lower amounts of gas. However, slide in truck mounts take up a lot of space in the vehicle. They are also generally more complex to operate and have higher maintenance requirements.

Van-powered systems are much more compact, so they take up less interior space of the vehicle. They also typically require less maintenance. Unlike slide in systems, van powered units are limited in vehicle options. They also consume a lot more gas.

Despite their differences, both truck mount versions are able to clean carpets faster and much more effectively than portable machines. Since they don’t have to be emptied often like portable extractors, they are much more convenient. Truck mounted units remove soil, pollen and other contaminants from carpets easier than portables because suction is stronger and the water gets heated to a higher temperature.

Our Orlando carpet cleaning technicians are well trained and experienced in the use of this equipment. Give us a try and we will show you what we’ve got!