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Is Having Carpet Protectant Neccessary?

As a carpet cleaning company, we provide a variety of services for cleaning and maintaining carpets and rugs. We are professionals who enjoy answering questions and offering our advice to any and all, customers or not. One piece of advice we always share with our customers has to do with lengthening the overall life of your carpets. Once our thorough cleaning of your carpet has been completed, we offer application of a carpet protectant that will help to protect your carpet from a stain permanently ruining your beautiful floor. Our carpet protectant is a product that is actually applied to a large amount of carpets that are installed in homes across the country.

We constantly talk about the importance of having your carpets deep steam cleaned regularly, but this time we’ll touch on the importance of adding our carpet protectant to the carpet after the cleaning is complete.  Once your carpets have been deep steam cleaned and contaminants like dust, dander, pollen and mold have been mostly removed or neutralized you’re left with a very nice, clean, new looking carpet.  Now, instead of letting the quality and look of the carpet begin to diminish due to standard wear and tear you can add our carpet protectant service to help it maintain that fresh looking appearance until you have your next cleaning. Our carpet protectant is applied directly to the freshly cleaned carpet as soon as the cleaning has been completed.  It is basically covering your carpet with a light coating of Teflon.  Just like your pots or pans that have a Teflon coating to help prevent stains and make cleaning easier, applying our carpet protectant to your freshly cleaned carpets will have a similar effect.  Any carpet protectant will eventually wear down, so applying it regularly is important.  Once you give it a try you will notice the difference.  Our carpet protectant treatment will help your carpets stay cleaner and looking good longer, Dry soil can be removed much more easily when you vacuum and spills can be blotted up much more quickly and easily.  Next time you have us out for your carpet cleaning service make sure to let our technicians demonstrate the difference carpet protectant  makes.  It’s a decision you won’t regret.