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Don’t Delay Your Carpet Cleaning

Your carpet is a fiber, just like the sheets in your bed.  What would your sheets look like if you were to not wash them for months? What would they smell like? What contaminants do you think are retained within the fabric?  You’ll find the same dust, dander, pollen and bacteria in your carpet as you’ll find in your sheets.  The longer you go without a cleaning, sheets or carpets alike, the more and more these contaminants will build up.  Actually, more contaminants embed themselves into your carpet than your bedding due to the trafficking of grease, dirt, grime and soil in and out of your home by way of your shoes.  Carpet is a miraculous fiber.  It’s made to handle traffic, however, it is still a fiber.  Any kind of fiber is going to need regular cleanings regardless of its use.  If your carpet is more of a light color, it will need the cleanings even more.  Carpet manufacturers and the EPA recommend having your carpets professionally deep steam cleaned every 6-12 months to maintain the healthiest carpets possible.  Here at Like New Carpet Care our Orlando Carpet Cleaners are trained and certified and would be more than happy to keep your carpets clean, pretty and healthy.  Call today with any questions you may have or to book an appointment!