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What is different about the services we offer

Did you know about our that we offer carpet cleaning services? Of course you did that’s why your on this page. But do you know what makes us the best carpet cleaners in Orlando and surrounding areas?  Well, let me give you a little run down.  Here at Like New Carpet Care we provide an assortment of floor cleaning services. Carpet cleaning, tile and grout cleaning and even upholstery cleaning.  Each one of our technicians are IICRC trained and certified. All of our vehicles that will be servicing your home will be included with a top of the line truck mounted equipment..  The truck mounted units, combined with our skilled technicians, and high quality cleaning solutions provide you with the best possible in the area.

Some of the Actual Differences 

  1.  Shoe covers
  2. Corner Guards
  3. Seal Door, for indoor air temperature relief.
  4. Industrial Air Movers, for speed drying

These are just a few of the fantastic, (some may call extras) and unique experience ideas we use while at your home.

Once we have assessed your home and are ready to begin, we will begin our process of spraying your carpet or upholstery with our enzyme based prespray (which helps to eliminate mold, dust mites and germs).  Once we have given the cleaning solution time to dwell for 5-20 min depending on variables, it has now set itself into the fibers of the material we are cleaning. We then agitate the carpet, just another piece of the pie for proper cleaning. After the dwell time is up, we then come in with our carpet cleaning wand that is powered by our high end truck mounted carpet cleaning units, and begin to remove the dirt and grime that lives in your carpet or upholstery.  For the carpet, our truck mounted units provide a very high temperature and high pressure water spray which is applied onto the surface of the material. As the water is sprayed into the material being cleaned it is almost simultaneously being sucked up with a very high powered vacuum that flows through the carpet wand.

Our Other Services

Upholstery– The upholstery cleaning process is very similar but with lower temperatures and pressure as to not damage the upholstery filling or frame. We use a fine fabric cleaning solution, as higher ph levels on certain fabrics can damage easily.

Tile and Grout – Our tile cleaning process is similar. Though pressure is cranked up to over 1000psi, the hard surface can take a beating, and this produces the best results. We use a different solution and tool, but the process is similar and the results are just as fantastic!  Take a look at our video demonstration on our tile cleaning page. We use air movers to help speed up your drying time, the tile flooring itself is usually completely dry before we leave the home. Be sure to ask about grout sealer to help protect your investment.

Area Rug Cleaning – We also provide high-end rug cleaning. Synthetic rugs can be cleaned in your home, but when it comes to natural fiber rugs, it is a totally different cleaning process. We bring these rugs back to our sister company, Oriental Rug Cleaning Plant, so the specifically trained rug technicians can clean them properly. We DO NOT use carpet cleaning tools to clean your valuables, and we DO NOT let untrained carpet technicians touch your rug. This is a very delicate process that requires specific skills, cleaning tools and supplies.

We don’t just do these things for show, we take great pride in providing a high-quality service at a very reasonable price. Maybe another reason is we are family owned and operated, and we understand what its like to have a service provider show up late, or not respect your home, keep you in communication, or send notifications when in route. We like to think we provide a carpet cleaning experience, not just a quick cleaning by some stranger that comes to your home.