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City of Kissimmee

One of the many areas our company services is the city of Kissimmee. Since we are a Kissimmee carpet cleaning company that provides an in home service for our customers, we are constantly meeting a variety of our fellow citizens. Along with meeting new people, we also learn quite a bit about the areas that we service. Some areas are a bit more modern, while some areas are a bit more historic. Kissimmee seems to lean a bit more on the historic side of the fence, which is fantastic! History is what makes us what we are and when we can visit an area that has quite a bit of it on display it is always a treat!

Let’s start with the basics. Kissimmee was officially incorporated as a city in 1883. The city is located in Osceola County, Florida. The boundaries of the city extend to cover just over 17 acres of total area, with just under 1 square mile of that area being water. The population was 59,682 as of the 2010 Census, with the current population estimated to be around 80 thousand. This area seems to be quite diverse and flush with citizens from many cultures. Florida is home to a great hispanic population throughout the state and Kissimmee is no different, which adds to it’s diverse charm.

Prior to becoming incorporated, this area was known as Allendale. That name came from a Confederate Major named J.H. Allen. Allen seemed to be most known for operating the first cargo hauling steamboat down the Kissimmee River. Kissimmee’s namesake is debated among some, but is mostly accepted as having Native American origins. Prior to the boom of the railroad industry, Kissimmee flourished in the steamboat industry. The local shipyard built most of the large steamboats that were used for transporting people and goods over various distances. This industry thrived in the area until the use of locomotives became prevalent enough to overtake the need for steamboat transportation. These days, you can still a steam boat strolling down the river as more of a tip of the hat to what helped develop the area.

Kissimmee is home to many unique sites of interest that make life in the area interesting. One well known attraction of the area is Old Town Amusement Park. Old Town is both an amusement park, as well as a large outdoor shopping area. It has been operating and pleasing guests since 1986. Old town was originally meant as an entertainment facility that would provide visitors with quite a unique shopping experience. In the early 2000’s the park began adding rides to attract more visitors and create a more exciting experience. Old Town is well known in the area as a great place to meet, eat, explore and enjoy the sights and sounds of shows, bands and classic car shows. Another interesting attraction in the area that may seem a bit obscure to out of town visitors, but right at home to the locals is the Monument of States. The Monument of States was meant as a symbol of unity for Americans after the Pearl Harbor attack on December 7, 1941. It is a unique, eye catching monument built by volunteers using donated items from all over the planet. The concept was created by Charles W. Bressler-Pettis as an interesting attraction that holds great meaning. Kissimmee is also home to what is known as “The World’s Largest Orange”, better known as Orange World. Orange world is located right off of U.S. Route 192 and definitely looks like a roadside attraction. It is locally known for capitalizing on some of the recognized local souvenirs, as well as selling anything and everything involving oranges. Orange World fits perfectly right in to the state of Florida.

Everything we have learned about the wonderful city of Kissimmee has made us grateful and happy that we are able to provide our carpet cleaning Kissimmee fl services for all of the great citizens of this city. We have been carpet cleaning Kissimmee for many years and also provide tile & grout, upholstery and oriental rugs cleaning in the area for many years as well and look forward to servicing this area for many more years to come. If you are not from Kissimmee but visit the area, take our advice and meet some of these nice residents and tourist atmosphere, you will enjoy it! Contact us today!