Carpet Maintenance

Why Maintenance is Required
A clean carpet not only shows beauty and style but also increases the lifespan of your carpet while keeping allergens and possible pests out of your home. Call an Orlando carpet cleaning professional when your home is ready for a carpet “face lift”. Lack of upkeep can turn your carpet into a bacteria filled play pen. All these reasons justify the need to frequently clean your carpet. However, there are important things about carpet cleaning that you should learn before taking on the task to avoid doing more harm than good.

Basic Maintenance Practices
Firstly, it is mandatory that you vacuum your carpet at least once per week, overly neglected carpet will deteriorate much faster then well maintained carpet. This ensures that gritty particles do not get the chance to cut carpet fibers, hence prolonging your carpet’s life. It is vital to maintain a proper vacuuming regimen, while making sure to get the corners/edges of rooms as well, as this is often neglected because of its degree of difficulty.There are other great options to help with the beauty of your carpet such as moving furniture around to different locations ensuring not to cause distinguished traffic patterns in any particular areas. Making sure to clean under sofas and other hard to move items on a monthly basis. All of these practices will help prolong the life of your investment.

Professional Cleanings
Regardless of how well you adhere to your carpet cleaning rituals, there comes a time in a carpet’s lifetime when it must be cleaned as a whole by a professional to restore its glossy look. Professional cleanings should be done at a minimum of 1-2 times a year. Make sure to choose a qualified company and do your research on that specific company before making your final decision. Carpet cleaners sometimes can receive a bad rap, but rest assure there are reputable companies out there.
There are different things that you can do to make your carpet tolerant to dirt. The most common that works on the carpet is by applying soil and dirt retardants. When properly applied, these products will make regular vacuuming more effective since they improve the carpets ability to repel foreign particles.

Another thing that a cleaning by a professional will do is take care of is the clearance of bad odors. Fluffy carpets can develop funny odor if cleaned without using a deodorant product. To counter this, add baking soda to your vacuum cleaner’s bag or use professional deodorants every time you clean your carpet.

Stick to it
Adhering to a strict carpet cleaning schedule is one of the simplest things you can do to maintain your carpet in its new state for a long time. Though this might not be easy especially if your home carpet is a high traffic area, it is an activity that is not only worth trying but also essential to the etching of your carpets life.

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