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It has been a common saying for many years now that your indoor air quality plays a big part in ones health. The Environmental Protection Agency has consistently ranked indoor air pollution among the top five environmental risks to public health. While there are many factors that contribute to this data, we will be discussing the importance of a clean mattress.

Mattress CleaningWhats In Your Mattress?

Indoor air pollution has been cited as a major contributing factor to allergy symptoms, including asthma, bronchitis, and respiratory infections. Mattresses are a major source of indoor air pollution. Considering the fact that we spend 1/3 of our lives sleeping, it makes good sense to have your mattress professionally cleaned from time to time.

Some of the major pollutants in mattresses can include dog- and cat- dander, dust mites, and cockroach allergens. These indoor pollutants act as triggers for asthma and other respiratory ailments. Studies show that millions of Americans suffer from allergies caused by pollutants such as these. The most at risk is our children, as their lungs are still in the developing.

Dust mites are the leading problem when it comes to pollutant causing symptoms. They are microscopic, eight-legged arachnids 0.3 mm in length. They can’t be seen by the naked eye. They are so small they can crawl through the weave that creates the bedding.

Dust mites love to eat the dead skin cells that flake off of our bodies. On average. adults will shed approximately 2 pounds of skin annually. This will feed millions of dust mites. Though with this all being said, dust mite themselves is not the problem; this lies with a protein found in the fecal matter called Der pl. The fecal matter is lighter than air, so light that it becomes airborne when disturbed by just laying on your mattress. The airborne particles are inhaled; the protein Der pl breaks down the protective mucous lining of the eyes, nose, lungs, and skin.

Another major factor is our furry friends that live with us, and we aren’t referring to the older male in the home. Animals such as dogs and cats are the culprits. Proteins in a pet’s dander, saliva, and urine cause pet allergies. Grooming by cats causes saliva on fur to become airborne. Allergy sufferers should not have pets, but of course, they do. We can help by introducing regular cleaning and treatment of their home furnishings.

Why Mattress Cleaning Services?

So what about mattresses? The bedroom is where the majority of dust mites will live.  About 60% of mites in the home are found in the mattress, as we spend one third of our life in bed — shedding skin and feeding dust mites. To help keep these dust mites at bay, we recommend cleaning your  mattress regularly, about every 6-12 months for allergy sufferers.

This hot water extraction cleaning process, using truck mounted units, is the best possible way to treat the surface layer of your mattress. Our process is a heavy duty cleaning service that consists of highly heated, highly pressurized water, that combined with a special solution and the proper tools, will achieve the absolute best results for each individual synthetic textile that is being cleaned!

Most standard mattresses are basically composed of a synthetic textile stretched out over a frame, with various types of innards filling it out. While cleaning a mattress might at first sound like a simple task, the way in which a mattress is made makes this a specialty cleaning that should be carried out by a professional who is well versed in the specifics of the service. Our technicians know the proper methods to employ along with specific, specialized tools and the safest most effective solutions available. We can get your mattress as clean as possible, without saturating the innards, in the safest manner!

Like New Carpet Care provides professional mattress cleaning services for Orlando and surrounding areas. Give us a call today for a free quote and to get your mattress cleaning services scheduled today!

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