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We here at Like New Carpet Care, put extreme emphasis on ensuring not just a great Winter Garden carpet cleaning service, but a total positive experience for each and every customer! We like to use the word “experience” specifically to encompass every aspect of your service, from the moment you reach out to us, to the moment your service is completed. Our Winter Garden carpet cleaning technicians are not only trained and certified in all cleaning services they perform, they are also trained in customer service skills. The same goes with any of our office staff. While there are a variety of tasks that they are trained to perform, customer service is at the top of the list of importance. If you check us out online, you will see quite an abundance of genuine five star reviews. While just about each and every one of them mentions how well our technicians performed the cleaning services, many of them also reference how smooth and comfortable their total experience with our company was. That is exactly what our goal is, to provide a positive total experience!

Winter Garden carpet cleaning

Let’s talk about why we chose to provide carpet cleaning Winter Garden services.

Located in the part of the town popularly called the High point of Florida is very close to all the places worthy of note in the city. The city has its name from an incredible history, discovered when Orange Belt Railway passed through Florida in 1886; they found the rich and fertile soil coupled with the temperature and railroad on the shore of Lake Apopka makes the land a perfect place for farming, so they started farming citrus. These settlers named this stop the Winter Garden due to the fertility and all year productivity of the land. Soon enough the settlers constructed a depot for their produce in 1893, and later investors and businessmen began to troop into the land, opening shops along the rail track. The city founded in 1903 by A.B. Newton and J.L Dillard. After this discovery, a second rail line called the Tavares and Gulf arrived, and more produce was shipped out of the city, and this made the city flourish. Winter Garden FL, regarded as the largest exporters of citrus in the 1940’s and 1950’s. Despite this success, the citrus bloom died due to the years of impurities dumped into Lake Apopka from sewage and citrus processing, and also from fertilizer and vegetables. The contaminants affected the water quality and caused a lot of death. This made people move to other cities and the replacement of railroad to the highway made a lot of individuals move to find greener pastures. But there is nothing stoping our Winter Garden carpet cleaning company from providing our services to these wonderful residents.


Winter Garden is famous for its historical buildings and it’s the home to a lot of tourist attraction is often regarded as the hub of Florida. If you’re looking for a quick getaway or a fun time with your families and friends Winter Garden is the place to be. Here are some of the fascinating places you can look to explore in this city:

  • Heritage Depot located at North Main Street:

This depot shows the evidence of the 1940’s citrus bloom; it contains citrus labels, citrus packing replica, and audio kiosk exhibiting the citrus packing warehouse model, artifact, photographs and various memorabilia from the first settlement till date.

  • Florida Railroad Museum situated at 101 South Boyd Street

The Museum contains an extensive collection of national, state and local railroad memorabilia and photographs, including a collection of 1938 Fairmont car, a velocipede hand car, and also a Clinch-field Railroad caboose.

  • Edge Water Hotel at 99 West Plant Street

The three-story hotel has been opened since 1927 for fishers coming to explore the large-mouth capital known as Lake Apopka. It closed down in 1968 after being purchased in 1965, and after going through reestablishment, it opened as bed-and-breakfast in 2003 and has been opened since then.

  • Historic Residential District located at North Lake also view in Highland streets

It displays the Buildings of the city, and it provides insights into the lives of the cities’ early families

  • Newton Park on Lake Apopka located at West Garden Avenue

The park includes Recreational halls, a boat ramp, boat marinas, playground and other facilities. The park attracts tourists and it’s a place to be explored. These are just some of the places we love in the city of Winter Garden carpet cleaning.


Winter Garden’s economy is based heavily on agriculture. All year round growing season and fertile soil account for the high yield of fruits and vegetables. Railroads that provided transportation to markets and also the cities orange groves made the city Florida’s gold. During the 1960’s the economy of the city changed dramatically. With the advent of Mickey Mouse and this increased tourism of the city and also its closeness to Orlando and Walt Disney World properties also made the city a perfect spot for ideal growth. As at the year 2000, the median household income in the city was $41,858.


This city is a place where idleness is not tolerated, and so there is an equal right for everyone to get employed regardless of your color, religion, sex, age, national origin or disability. This is one of the main reasons our Winter Garden carpet cleaning company loves to service this area. Here are few of the benefits enjoyed by a gainfully employed person in winter city are:

  • Medical insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Flexible spending accounts
  • Short term disability benefits
  • Long term disability
  • Retirement
  • Sick leave
  • Education Reimbursements
  • Clothing Allowance for uniforms
  • Vacation and holidays

Our Winter Garden Carpet Cleaning Business

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Our carpet cleaning Winter Garden company is doing great in the city, and that’s just one of the reasons why it’s a booming business community that mostly made up of different companies. Some of the thriving businesses in the city are:


Winter Garden is the site for tourism because of the number of historic buildings and site that includes Garden Theatre, a new art center, Downtown Pavilion(a home to Winter Garden farmers) in the city has made it  the Number one choice for a lot of people. The tourism in this town contribute largely to the economy of the city, and it also creates employment opportunity.


Winter Garden is home to a lot of hotels, guest inns and world-class restaurants serving all kinds of delicacies. Their restaurants are well known for their culinary skills. The exemplary service rendered by these hotels allows visitors to stay in the city.


Everyones loves a clean and healthy home. That’s why residents have chosen our carpet cleaning Winter Garden steam cleaning company for many years. This city is very business oriented, and in turn, gives the home owners here little or no time to take care of their homes, this has made Like New Carpet Care’s Winter Garden carpet cleaning services in the city to grow, and it also made it a compelling business in the city. If you are planning to moving to this city, you don’t have to worry about keeping your home or workplace clean on your own, let our Winter Garden carpet cleaners take some of the busy burden away, so you can have more free time. For more info on our carpet cleaning Winter Garden services call us at 407-947-6724.


Winter Garden is a home to some of the finest schools in the Florida. It has two public high schools, three public middle schools, six public elementary schools, two charter schools, and ten pre-schools different private schools, charter schools and a host of others. If you are looking for a perfect place for your kids to grow up, then Winter Garden has got their need covered.


Winter Garden is a place that is ever lively and entertaining; it has different events featuring various activities all year round. To list a few, they have the:

  • Lions Club Easter Egg Hunt
  • Winter Garden Farmers market
  • The Cruz N Car show
  • Friday on the Plaza

We really do love the beautiful city of Winter Garden! Our abundance of customers from this wonderful area show us that the love is reciprocal! It is our true belief that the entirety of our company’s operating process is what helps keep us in such high regards with our Winter Garden carpet cleaning customers. Since our company started, we have understood the importance of providing more than just a good cleaning, at a reasonable rate. Our focus is on the total experience that each customer is subjected to when they choose our company to provide the services they need. You might notice that we are easy to find online and our website is aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate. That is thanks to our understanding of how things work these days. If you are looking for just about anything, you are typically going to start with an online search. We put a lot of work into ensuring that consumers will easily be able to find our company as well as the abundance of positive reviews that should help in your decision. When you reach out to us via phone call, email or our live chat service, you will find a friendly employee ready to help! You will be kept up to date with your service with emails and text notifications from the moment you schedule a service, until the moment your service is complete.

Not only do we provide an excellent in home cleaning service, we do our absolute best to ensure that each and every customer who interacts with our company has a positive, smooth experience! Give us a shout and see for yourself how much we love our Winter Garden carpet cleaning customers!


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