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Our Windermere carpet cleaning company has the pleasure of servicing many wonderful cities all throughout the Central Florida area. We have taken the time to make an informative page for each city we service. We put this effort forth as a way of saying “thank you” to all of our fantastic customers and the cities they call home. This brings us to our Windermere carpet cleaning page.


Like New Carpet Care loves each one of our customers living in the wonderful city of Windermere! Windermere FL is a beautiful city located in Orange county, in the state of Florida.  According to the 2010 Census, Windermere FL is recorded to have a population of 2,462 wonderful residents who we love to provide our carpet cleaning services for. The city first established has a residential development in 1889, and it was chartered in 1925.

In Late 2007, the citizens of Windermere sought to enlarge their city by including some local areas as their own. The city submitted a proposal to annex Butler Bay and Isleworth (both affluent subdivisions) as part of them. The idea led to a huge debate by local residents, and the idea was met with objection from the Orange County government. The County stood to lose several properties from their jurisdiction which were worth millions of dollars in tax revenue. After extensive discussions and debates with the Orange County government, Isle worth remained part of Orange County, but Butler Bay was incorporated into Windermere. 90% of Butler Bay residents approved of the merger via a mail-in ballot system.


If you were searching for Windermere on a map, you would find it at 28°29′48″N 81°32′2″W. It sits at an elevation of 121 feet. The total area of the city is 1.57 square miles. Land covers 1.56 square miles and 0.02 square miles is water. This city, like most Florida cities, has a warm, subtropical climate with plenty of humidity. Windermere is typically dominated by heat and rain, which is again, incredibly common for any city in the state of Florida.


The rate of unemployment in Windermere is 4.20percent. It has a job growth of 2.42%, sales taxes of 7.00%, income taxes of 0.00% and a future job growth of 40.64 %. The average family income in Windermere is$88,809. However, the income per capital is $51,370, and the average household income is $64,038. The city has 9.5 % of the population below poverty line. Windermere’s average home cost is $184,700. The city has sales-office-administration support, management-business-finance, and production-transportation-material moving as the sector with the most population. We provide the best carpet cleaning Windermere service in the area!


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Windermere is a booming business community that mostly made up of different companies. Some of the thriving businesses in the city are:


Like New Carpet Care provides a variety of cleaning services for our wonderful customers in the city of Windermere. While most of our Windermere carpet cleaning services are performed in customer homes, we also provide our services for many businesses in the Windermere area. Our Hot Water Extraction cleaning service using only the best Truck Mounted Units provide us with the ability to complete an incredibly effective cleaning service for a variety of surfaces. Not only do we carpet, we also clean tile and grout, upholstery and area rugs. Check out our Services page for more information on our carpet cleaning Windermere services.

Real Estate Development In Windermere

Development of housing and business in the Windermere area has been successfully growing steadily. Many new business and housing developments are continuing to be built thanks to the increasing growth of the area. The rapid growth and development in this city leaves us with plenty of carpet cleaning opportunity.

Hotels And Restaurants In Windermere

Windermere is home to a lot of hotels, guest inns and world-class restaurants serving all kinds of delicacies. Their restaurants are well known for their culinary skills. The exemplary services rendered by these hotels allow visitors to stay in the city.


Windermere is noted for its famous tourist attraction site, nature reserves and also for its historic building. If you are planning to visit Windermere FL soon here are some of the places that should interest you.

The Artifact Exhibition – Titanic: The museum is the only place where you can find the object and exhibit of the Titanic. It features tours, Artifacts from the Titanic. If you visit this museum, you will sure get the feel of being in the Titanic looks like.

Shadow Bay Park: This park has some eye catching facilities such as the Green Space with trails, tennis court and also vast areas where helicopters can land. It is also a perfect place to enjoy nature at its peak, and it has all you could want from a park.

The Pirate Cove Adventure Golf: The pirate themed mini golf course that features 18-hole, located among waterfalls and caves. The pirate golf course is a perfect place to go with friends and family while you also enjoy the best views from the Golf course.


Residents of Windermere are known to partake in events taking place all over the area and its environments. It’s also known for its events. Some of the events taking place in Windermere are:

Jamestown Revival

Monster Wrestling Orlando

World Famous Gospel

Flight of the Butterflies

Toto Hard Rock Live

Macy Gray Parliament House

Joe Jackson The Piazza Live

Wonder of the Arctic

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Education is integral to the success of any community and is no different in Windermere. The town is located in within Orange County public Schools. With this resident of the city are served by the Windermere Elementary school, A middle named Gohal middle school and a High School (Olympia High School). Windermere also has a private preparatory school, a coeducational college preparatory school located near Lake Butler. It is unfortunate to know Windermere will be within the range of attendance or a high-school named after it. The school opened in 2017.

We hope this page was informative and helped to shed some light on the beautiful city of Windermere for those who do not call this city home. We are privileged to provide our Carpet Cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning, Tile and Grout Cleaning and Area Rug Cleaning to all the fantastic residents of beautiful Windermere!

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