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About The City of Oviedo 

Oviedo, a town Just 20miles from the northeast of attraction intensive city of Orlando, is still known for its rural feel. Oviedo, FL is home to a lot of historic buildings in Orlando Suburban. Oviedo is famous for its Chickens that roam around the city. Even though the city is still suburban, it enjoyed an enormous growth and development in recent years due to its adjacent location to the University of Florida and the Florida Research Park. Different journals and publications in current times as rated Oviedo FL as one of the excellent places to live in the US. Around 1865, the city; named by Andrew Aulina a shop owner and one of the early inhabitants of the city. He founded the town when he decided to create a Post Office due to the incessant need for a post office of the residents of the South of Jesup Lake. Andrew decided to give the post office a unique name that no other city in Florida has. His love for Spanish names made him call the post office Oviedo after Oviedo city in Spain and the Oviedo University. Today Oviedo city is a developing city that has maintained constant growth without losing its rural feel.


As of the 2000 census, the city of Oviedo was recorded to have 8,556 households, 7,178 families and 26,316 people residing in the city. The population density of the town as at the 2000 census was 1,738.9 inhabitants for each square mile.  The housing units of the city were 8,977 with an average of 593.2 per SQ.(229.1/km2). The cities racial makeup was 0.27% Native American, 83.55% White, 2.42% Asian, 8, 83% African American 0.04% Pacific Islander,  Hispanic or Latino were 12.19% of the population, 2.62% from other races and 2.27% from two other races. The average age of the city was 33yrs. For every 98 males there were 100 females, and for every male above 18, there were 100 girls. The median household size was 3.07, and the average size of a family was 3.31.


Oviedo, Positioned at 28°40′13″N 81°12′30.5″W. The total area of the city is 40km2 (15.1 square miles) with 39km2(15.1 square miles) land, and 0.78km2(0.3square miles) is water. Located about 20m from Orlando downtown Florida passing through the (SR 417 and SR408) highway. A river called Econlockhantchee River flows through the east part of the city and a tributary. The city has two major seasons the dry and the raining seasons. Oviedo has a high temperature of 86F and a low temperature of 60%F.


Oviedo is known for the presence of different parks, River, and Forests. The city is a tourism center for visitors exploring the city. Here are some of the attractions in Oviedo Florida.

  • Black Hammock Adventures: This tourist attraction has different features such as the Black Hammock Restaurant, Lake Jesup having  the largest alligator population in Florida, wildlife exhibit, airboat rides and also enjoy the best gator tail in town
  • Little Big Econ Forest: It is named as one of the best United States family-friendly hikes by American Hiking Society; the Forest has 10 miles of trails and around 8 miles of mountain trails. This Attraction is the best place for you if you’re looking for adventure and a real fun time with your family and friends
  • Twin Rivers Country Club: If you are a lover of Golf Course and you need to grab a quick fun time by playing Golf this is the perfect haven for you. The golf course has a driving range and also contains 18 holes. The golf course features competitions so even if you don’t know how to play Golf you can come here to enjoy the outdoor sport and the gentle breeze of nature.
  • Boing Jump Center Oviedo: This facility offers enjoyment for both the adults and the kids if you’re willing to enjoy or practice the science of going against nature it is the best place for you to be. The center has Buyout available as well as a concession; the average visit time for this center is 1-2hours. It also features such as jump, dodgeball competition, Arcade play and it’s also the perfect place to host a party.
  • Outback Steakhouse Tuskawilla:  This restaurant is an Australian inspired spirit of adventure. Outback is known for its big bold flavors using the freshest ingredient available. If you’re looking for tastes to bust your feelings, bud outback is the perfect place for you.


The family income of Oviedo was ranked highest among all cities in Florida over the past few decades. Many quality individuals in the city choose Like New Carpet Care’s steam cleaning company for there carpet cleaning needs. The median household income according to the 2010 census was $77,489. The median family income in the city was $80,923.Per capita income in the city was $23,831. 4.60% of the population and 3.30% of the households were below poverty line. Economic growth was steady despite the difficult economic times, through annexation and new constructions. The city also generates revenue from the parks, lake and tourist centers in it.


Oviedo city has undergone a tremendous growth in the past decades, and it is still a booming business community that made up of the different retail establishment, companies, housing to mention few. Some of the thriving businesses in the city are:


Oviedo City is the site for tourism because of the number of recreational parks, a Lake and a world class restaurant makes it a perfect place to be. The presence of Parks makes Oviedo an ideal location for relaxation.


Oviedo is a home to a lot of hotels, guest inns and world-class restaurants serving all kinds of delicacies. Their restaurants are well known for their culinary skills. The exemplary services rendered by these hotels allow visitors to stay in the city.

  • Like New Carpet Care

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Housing is one of the thriving business in Oviedo city; you can get any housing space in this town including, office and commercial space and retail establishment


Oviedo is a perfect place to nurture kids as the city has a lot of schools that offers sound and qualitative education to their students. The city has seven elementary public schools, three middle schools, three high schools and five private schools.


Oviedo hosts different kinds of events and activities all through the year. Some of the prominent events hosted in Casselberry are:

  • WWE NXT tapings
  • Gary own Piaza
  • Beach house
  • Nate wants to Battle
  • Icon for Hire
  • Dream Big
  • Wonders of Arctic
  • Real friends
  • Series of public classes

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