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Professional Carpet Cleaning In Lake Mary Fl

The 7 Advantages Of In Home Professional Lake Mary Carpet Cleaning:

Like New Carpet Care specializes in Carpet cleaning but did you know we also provide other in-home cleaning services? When we perform any type of Carpet Cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning, Tile or Area Rug Cleaning in your home, the particular type of service we provide is the most effective, industry preferred method of cleaning all types of synthetic textiles. This type of service is called a Hot Water Extraction cleaning service and we only use Truck Mounted Units to carry it out. When one of our technicians is performing one of these amazing in home cleaning services, they will be using their Truck Mounted Units to clean with highly heated and highly pressurized water.

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We at Like New Carpet Care suggest having your home’s carpets cleaned annually by a professional carpet cleaning Lake Mary company. We can help in many aspects of maintaining you homes wall-to-wall carpeting. Here are some advantages in using a company like us! Keep in mind, we also provide Commercial Carpet Cleaning 

Advantage 1: Expelling Appalling Traffic Areas

Advantage 2: Killing Dirty Traffic Areas on Flooring

Advantage 3: Help With Eliminating Allergens

Advantage 4: Diminishing Unwanted Smells

Advantage 5: Removal Of Pet Odor

Advantage 6: Destroying Unwanted Pests

Advantage 7: Carpet Protectant

Being that the Truck Mounted Unit is such an important part of our cleaning process, we would like to tell you a little bit about this type of machine. A Truck Mounted Unit is a large machine made up of individual components. One of these components is called a Heat Exchanger. The heat exchanger strategy utilizes warm normally created by the ordinary task of the motor and now and again, vacuum draw parts of the framework. Ordinarily, water is directed through a warmth exchanger, which comprises of two separate areas. In one segment, the warmth is steered. In the second segment, the water goes through. The two areas share two sides of normal surfaces inside the exchanger; along these lines warm is exchanged from the “warmth side” segment with higher temperature to the “arrangement side” segment with bring down temperature. There are two fundamental kinds of warmth exchangers. One, named, “shell and loop”, has liquid going through a curl of tubing which is contained in a “shell”, or holder, through which warm is directed. The other, called “shell and tube”, contains a few parallel tubes running from one end of the “shell” to the next. In the shell and tube setup, warm goes through the parallel tubes and water goes through the shell.

We know that wall-to-wall carpet  is costly, and on the off chance that you need to secure your venture, at that point shampooing the filaments once in a while can assist the things with lasting longer. In the event that you have a great deal of foot traffic activity in a home, at that point not only is it disinfecting the carpeted areas, we suggest having it sprayed with a substance that elevates dampness and dry particles of dirt. To get familiar with our cleaning strategies, call Like New Carpet Care today!

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