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Our company is proud to service a variety of cities within the Central Florida area. We like to show our gratitude by creating informational pages for each lovely city that reaches out to us for their cleaning needs. Like New Carpet Care has had the privilege of servicing residential and commercial locations in the Lake Mary carpet cleaning area for many years. We have been providing Carpet Cleaning, Tile and Grout Cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning and Area Rug Cleaning services for the fine citizens of this beautiful city in their homes and businesses. We thank the great citizens of this beautiful city for making us your preferred cleaning services company!


Lake Mary FL, a suburban city in the heart of Florida, it is also known as the city of lakes. It is a municipality in the Seminole County. Lake Mary often referred to as the fourth best place to live in America. The city has one of the lowest crime rates in the state. The city has a modest population of 16,021 and a household of 5,083 people. Located about 18 miles north of Orlando off Interstate 4.  The creation of its city dated back from the 19th-century city and was named after a minister’s wife who was a settler on the northern shores. The city started as two villages; Bent’s Station and Belle Fontaine which was based on the cultivation of citrus and was between Sanford and Orlando. The agricultural diversification of the locals had brought settlers to the community which also gave rise to more populated community. The major factor of the economy and residential development came in the seventies when Disney came to the area. The city’s chamber of commerce was established in 1923 which is the oldest in the state of Florida, and Lake Mary was incorporated later in 1973.


According to a 2016 data, it was recorded that there were 5,083 households, 7,900 families and 16,021 people living in this city. The male takes about 47.04% of the population female is about 52.96% of the population. The city’s median age is 45 years. Lake Mary’s population density is 1,750 per square mile. The city consists of different races, and the makeup is 74.41% white, 6.83% Asian, 0.00% Native Americans, 6.83% African American, 0.00% Pacific Islander, 1.27% from other races, 9.76% of Latino or Hispanic, and 2.10% from two or more races.


Lake Mary is at 28°45’27’N 81°19’45’W on the atlas with an elevation of

62 ft. (18.9 m). The total area of the city is 9.7 SQ. Mi. (25 km2), however, exactly 8.6 SQ. Mi. (22.3 square kilometers) Is the land area and 1.1 SQ. Mi. (2.7 km2) of water part.


Lake Mary has four commission districts and governed by a mayor. The city also has a city manager, the city council, and the mayor by supervising professional staffs under the city’s government. The current mayor of Lake Mary is David J. Mealor, and the city manager is Jackie Sova. The government oversees operations such as community development, road maintenance, police protection, Water and sewer services, parks and recreation, planning. The government also has some citizen boards, that includes the zoning and planning commission, community redevelopment agency is indicative of public, private partnerships and the commitment of the people to the development of the city.


Lake Mary is a place where idleness is not tolerated and laziness, and so there is an equal right for everyone to get employed regardless of your race, religion, sex, age, national origin or disability. Here are few of the benefits enjoyed by a gainfully employed person in Lake Mary are:

Medical insurance


Life insurance

Short term disability benefits

Long term disability

Sick leave

Education Reimbursements

Clothing Allowance for uniforms

The rate of unemployment in Lake Mary is 4.30percent. It has a job growth of 2.42%, sales taxes of 7.00%, income taxes of 0.00% and a future job growth of 40.54 %. The average family income $100,625 in Lake Mary is$61,822. However, the income per capital is $39,031, and the average household income is $84,741. The city has 2.9 % of the population below poverty line. Lake Mary’s average home cost is $256,400. The city has sales-office-administration support, management-business-finance, and production-transportation-material moving as the sector with the most population.


Like New Carpet Care In Lake Mary

Like New Carpet Care has had the pleasure of providing Carpet Cleaning Lake Mary, Tile and Grout Cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning and Area Rug Cleaning for the fine citizens in the beautiful city of Lake Mary for many years. Our Hot Water Extraction cleaning process using Truck Mounted units, along with our highly trained and experienced technicians ensures that each customer will receive the best possible service available. Give us a call at 407-947-6724, or visit our site and see why we are Lake Mary’s preferred Carpet Cleaning Service provider!

Real Estate

Housing is one of the thriving business in Lake Mary; You can get any housing space in this city including, office and commercial space and retail establishment. Like New Carpet Care has had the pleasure of providing Carpet Cleaning and Tile and Grout Cleaning services for residential and commercial properties in the Lake Mary area.


Agriculture has been the backbone of this city. People recognize the city for its exports of fruits and vegetables, and this has been a key to sustaining the economy of the city.


Lake Mary is a place for tourism because of the Number of historic buildings and site that includes Lake Mary Museum, a new art center, Downtown parks, and resorts; the city has made it the No 1 choice for a lot of people. The tourism in this town contribute largely to the economy of the city, and it also creates employments.

Hotels And Restaurants

Lake Mary is home to a lot of hotels, guest inns and world-class restaurants serving all kinds of delicacies. Their restaurants are well known for their culinary skills. The exemplary services rendered by these hotels allow visitors to stay in the city.


Lake Mary Museum

The city museum was created to conserve Lake Mary culture, history, and heritage. The historical museum activities are run and controlled by Lake Mary Historical Society. The museum features a lot of archival materials, artifacts, documents and photograph.

Thirsty Whale too

It is a sports bar in the city

Gander Mountain Academy

It is a site where you can get the best shooting experience. The academy has trained instructors who use interactive virtual training and simulation technology.

Bermuda Triangle Bar

Pierre’s Wine Cellar

Timacau Golf Club

Coastal Gift and Décor

Frank Evans Museum of History

Flo Tours

Hand & Stone Massage and Facial Spa

Central Park

Bermuda Triangle Bar

Magnolia Plantain Golf Club

Pinpoint Transportation & Tours

2nd & Crystal Park

Senior Center


The St. John River Festival of the Arts

Lake Mary Car Show

Wine Art

Farmer’s Market

Memorial Day

Like every other city, Lake Mary celebrates the memorial day.


The city has displayed exceptional interest in training the future leaders; it is a place where academic excellence could be achieved starting from the preparatory stage to the college level. The city boast of a lot of standard elementary and high schools. The city has a total of seven public schools, five private schools, a public library and three colleges and two schools for other learning.

Lake Mary has been one of our favorite cities to provide service for thanks to the wonderfully pleasant citizens who reside within this beautiful city. We are proud to provide Lake Mary citizens with our Hot Water Extraction cleaning method using our Truck Mounted Units which enable our technicians to achieve the best possible results when performing Carpet Cleaning, Tile and Grout Cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning or Area Rug Cleaning Services. We love Lake Mary and we thank the great people of this city for choosing Like New Carpet Care as their preferred cleaning service provider year after year!

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