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Like New Carpet Care services cities throughout the central Florida area. We service all of Orange and Seminole counties. One of the cities we provide our carpet cleaning Casselberry FL. Our professional steam cleaners provide high-end carpet cleaning services, as well as grout cleaning, upholstery cleaning services and also offer Free pickup for oriental rug cleaning services we provide in our rug cleaning plant.

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Casselberry, FL, a prominent city in the Southern part of Seminole County Florida USA. The city evolved sporadically from a sparsely populated agricultural town to a dynamic, bustling and city full of life. The city has enjoyed a steady growth rate by expanding businesses, commercial activities and its excellent quality of life. Casselberry is a thriving community where you can live, work and play while enjoying all the good things of life.  The city, named after a Real estate developer Hibbard Casselberry. In 1926 Casselberry came nearby winter park for a visit to one of his family member, and he gained employment as a sales agent by a Fern estate owner Gordon Barnet. Casselberry and Barnett split sooner than expected but Casselberry but hectares of land around the fern Estate and he started building his subdivision he called it winter park ferneries. Casselberry continued to expand his estate business and fernery throughout 1930’s. He convinced the inhabitants of Fern Park that they could avoid tax if they incorporated into a tax-free town. After a city gathering had been held in 1940, the town was declared Casselberry the tax free town.


After the 2010 census, it was recorded that there were 11,430 households, 6398 families and 26,241 people living in this city. 3751.9 inhabitants per square mile (1448.6/km2) was the population density.  Due to the rising growth in the city, we have decided to clean carpet here. Our Casselberry carpet cleaning services can provide all 11k plus households with service. The city consists of different races, and the makeup was 80.01% white, 2.9% Asian, 0.40% Native Americans, 8.0% African American, 0.1% Pacific Islander, 4.9% from other races, 22.6% Latino or Hispanic of any race and 3.5% from two other races.


Casselberry is at 28°39′40″N 81°19′19″W. The total area of the city is 18km2 (7.1 square miles), in which 17km2 (6.7 square miles) land 0.5km2(0.4 square miles) water. The Casselberry has a warm and humid subtropical climate. They have two dominant seasons the hot and raining season. Over 30 lakes surround the city and pond; the largest is the Lake Howell, Lake Kathryn, the Triplet Chain of Lakes, and Lake Concord.

Casselberry city is governed by a City Manager/commissioner form of Government. The election is done every four years to elect a mayor and four members Commission. This commission employs a professional city manager that oversees all the daily activity of the city. The government oversees operations such as community development, road maintenance, police protection, Water and sewer services, parks and recreation, planning. The government also has some citizen boards, that includes the zoning and planning commission, community redevelopment agency are indicative of public, private partnerships and the commitment of the people to the development of the city.


The family income of Casselberry was ranked highest among all cities in Florida over the past few decades. The median household income according to the 2010 census was $41,950. The tax of the town grew from $774,000,000 in the fiscal year 2000 to $1,147,161,991 in the fiscal year 2010 this is an increase of 48%. The city growth was steady despite the difficult economic times, through annexation and new constructions. The city also generates revenue from the lakes surrounding it. Casselberry has nine part-time and 186 full-time employees. The annual expenses budget is approximate $43 million.


Casselberry has undergone a tremendous growth in the past decades, and it is still a booming business community that made up of the different retail establishment, companies, housing to mention few. Some of the thriving businesses in the city are:


Casselberry City is the site for tourism because of the number of recreational parks, and Lakes that includes the largest is the Lake Howell, the Triplet Chain of Lakes, Lake Kathryn, and Lake Concord has made it the perfect choice for people who want to enjoy themselves with the best of nature. The presence of Parks makes Casselberry an ideal location for relaxation.


Casselberry is a home to a lot of hotels, guest inns and world-class restaurants serving all kinds of delicacies. Their restaurants are well known for their culinary skills. The exemplary services rendered by these hotels allow visitors to stay in the city


Many of our Casselberry carpet cleaners have either lived or currently reside in the city limits, this is just one of the many reasons our carpet cleaning company loves to service this area. The city is business oriented, and in turn give little time to DIY there own cleaning services. This has made Like New Carpet Care a go-to steam cleaning company in the city. If you are planning to live in Casselberry, you don’t have to worry about keeping your home or workplace clean as Like New Carpet Care has got you covered. Give our carpet cleaning Casselberry company a call today.


Housing is one of the thriving business in Casselberry; You can get any housing space in this city including, office and commercial space and retail establishment.


Casselberry City is famous for its dozen lakes, and it is the home to a lot of parks for recreation and pleasure. If you’re looking for a quick getaway alone time or a fun time with your families and friends, Casselberry is the place to be. Here are some of the fascinating places you can look to explore in this city:

  • Secret Lake Park: Located at 200 N Triplet Lake Casselberry FL. This beautiful park has a lot of facilities of interest for both young and old. The park has three lakes, fishing pier, recreation center, sports courts, and boardwalks. A park is a perfect place for outdoor activities while enjoying the wonderful gift of nature.
  • Wirz Park: Situated at 806 Mark David Boulevard, Casselberry FL. The Wirz Park is a 29-acre park that has amazing features for your recreational sports. It offers a basketball court, pool, a pavilion, three ball fields and recreational buildings. It is the perfect spot for any visiting athlete looking for a fun time.
  • Casselberry Art House: Situated at 127 Quail Pond Cir, Casselberry, Fl. This art house has been a tourist attraction since 2002 and has been a get-together place for people offering them art experiences and cultural programs. The art house features Art classes, art exhibitions, artist lectures and musical performances for all ages. The park is also known as Lake Concord Park.
  • Plumosa Oaks Park: Located at 140 Plumosa Ave. Casselberry, FL. The park features facilities such as Exercise trail, multipurpose field, Playground, Treehouse. The five-acre park has plenty of shades and is the perfect place for taking small walks and also a place for overall experiences.
  • Seminole Speed Way: Located at Casselberry, the Speedway has been around since the 1940’s. It features events such as horse racing, Car racing events, and even bikers have competitions on this speedway.


Casselberry is a good place to nature kids as the city has a lot of schools that offers sound and qualitative education to their students. The city has four elementary public schools, a middle school, and two private schools.


Casselberry hosts different kinds of events and activities all through the year. Some of the prominent events hosted in Casselberry are:

  • Art Summer Academy
  • Memorial Day Weekend
  • Rock N’ Blues concert
  • Car show
  • Arturo Sandoval Concert
  • Colors of India
  • Art, Jazz Golf Weekend

The Casselberry carpet cleaning services we provide will leave you wanting more. That’s why we also provide professional tile cleaning, upholstery cleaning and oriental rug cleaning services in this city. Not only do we provide a top quality cleaning service, we also do everything we can to provide the best customer experience possible! Each member of our staff, administrative or technical, is trained, knowledgable and eager to help. From the moment you reach out to us, to the moment your service is complete, we put maximum effort into making your experience as smooth as possible! Give our carpet cleaning company a call today and see what our total customer experience is all about!

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